06 фебруар 2013

On The Lord's Prayer - St. Nikolai Velimirovic (5)


Heaven and earth are Thy fields, O Father. Upon one field Thou sowest stars and angels, upon the other, thorns and man. The stars are moving according to Thy Will. The angels sing on the stars as on the harp, according to Thy Will. The thorns grow up and sting men, according to Thy Will. But man meets man and asks: what is God’s Will?
How long will man be ignorant about what is Thy Will, O Father? How long will he abase himself before the thorns under his feet? Thou didst create him for equality with the angels and stars, and lo! He is beaten even by thorns!
But behold, if a man will, he can speak Thy name better than the thorns, and as well as the stars and angels do. O Thou, the Spirit-giver, and Will-giver, give man Thy Will.
Thy Will is wise, and fresh, and holy. This Will moves the Heavens: why should not the same Will move the earth, which compared with Heaven, is as a drop of water compared with the ocean?
Thy Will is wise. I listen to the tale of bygone generations, and I look up to the sky and know that the stars are moving as they have done for thousands of years, always in the same way, and are bringing in due time summer and winter.
Thou art never wearied in acting with wisdom, our Father. No foolish thing ever finds a place in Thy plan. Thou art as fresh in wisdom and goodness today as on the first day of the creation, and tomorrow Thou wilt be as today.
Thy Will is holy as it is wise and fresh. Holiness is inseparable from Thee as we from the air.
Whatever is unholy may climb up towards Heaven, but no unholy thing ever descends from Heaven, from Thy throne, O Father.
We pray to Thee, our holy Father, that thou mayest soon bring the dawning of the day when the will of all men will be as wise, fresh, and holy as Thy Will; and when all Thine earthly creatures will move in harmony with the stars in Heaven; and when our planet will sing in chorus with all Thy wondrous stars:
O Lord, teach us!
O God, lead us!
O Father, save us!

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